Who What Wear - AA Speaking Engagement

Is it weird that I was more nervous about what I was going to wear than speaking in front of over 500 American Airline women executives? You see, lately my wardrobe has consisted of serious athleisure ( fancy word for those black lulu leggings you and I both know I live in ) & cocktail dresses for the events I host and design for my clients. While I love to boast a party dress, this called for some serious professional attire. I thought this would be a good time to invest in some pieces, as well as share with you all a new WHO, WHAT, WEAR post. Here we go. 

WHO: Yours Truly or Any Working Woman 

WHAT: For me // Speaking Engagement : Women In Aviation Conference for American Airlines For You dear reader // Presentation Day, Hosting Events, Vendors Meet & Greets or Important Meetings

WEAR: Professional with a polished twist, incorporating investment pieces. I wanted my look to say "hey Im professional, but I am still fashion forward in my thinking" 




ONE // TWO // THREE // FOUR // FIVE //

I opted for the "Depina" print dress by Hugo Boss. It has a sleeve which I looooove, and I foresee wearing this dressed down by throwing a denim jacket over it, or a cardigan. The floral print dress above is what my sweet friend Jennifer wore to the event. She had seen a colleague of hers wear it to another event she attended, and then she purchased it FOR UNDER $200 for this event. I had to include it, because when you see a dress this great, and for under $200, you must share it with the world.  The shoes were a bit of a debate in the 'ol department store. You see, that Stuart Weitzman nude strappy stiletto up there in #2? It's a celebrity trending favorite currently. Its a "easy to wear 3 3/4 stiletto" so says their site.  The sales staff was voting for me to take it with me in a major way. While it's gorgeous, and I could see wearing it all. the. time... I was concerned about the stage I would be speaking on and maneuvering the stairs to where I would be speaking. Secondly, I felt that with the dress, it looked as if I forgot to wear shoes. Loved the way it made me look like I had leggggs for days, due to the height it gives, but when it was all said and done I settled for those Donald Pliner black pumps referenced in number 3. Ladies and gentlemen... I wore these for over 12 hours straight and they did not hurt my feet! If you follow me on snapchat, you know that I recently found a cheaper version of the weitzman's linked here. When it came to accessories, I wanted the focus to be on the dress, so I just kept it simple with my diamond stud earrings. 




When it comes to speaking engagements, I believe a neutral day smokey eye, good mascara, clean natural looking nails, and a bright lip are all you need. I am typically a MAC user, but I was recently introduced to this eye palette and it has the perfect neutrals for daytime, as well as a dark plum and black if you want more "smoke". What are your go to professional looks?