Five Conversation Starters For This Weekend

Friday is here y'all and I don't know about you, but I for one am ready for a little r&r. Have you ever found yourself in a situation over the weekend where you need a little conversation starter? Look no further. Here's a little five on Friday for those awkward moments when you just need some topics to get the party started. 

1. QUEEN ELIZABETH TURNS 90 this week and this article chronicles how happy she is about cake. Me too Your Royal Highness, me too! Side note: in looking for a suitable picture for cake, the one above came from this blog, and I can't stop thinking about it! Second side note how cute are W and TBoone celebrating her?

2. FITNESS MARSHALL.  A friend sent me some of his videos and I was hooked. When in doubt or in awkward silence play one of his videos and dance along. Dance party for the win! Oh Fitness Marshall you make me happy, and I will totally be incorporating this choreography into my repertoire. 

3. RIP PRINCE. Poll your audience with "what is your favorite Prince song of all time?" 

4. SNOWDEN. Did you know he is suing Norway, and is up for the Nobel Peace Prize? Discuss. 

5. KELLY & MICHAEL DRAMA. This one makes me sad. I for one loved their chemistry. So are you #teammichael or #teamkelly? Do you think He left professionally? 

Cheers to the weekend and anti awkward moments! 

Robyn WiseComment