Who What Wear - Veuve Edition

One of the most frequent questions I get asked believe it or not usually goes a little something like this via phone call or text. 

Friend - Ummm hey Robyn, this is kind of embarrassing but do you have a second? 

Robs - (if we are close, you call me this) Sure, whats up? 

Friend - Well I have been invited to {fill in the blank social event} with {fill in the blank dress code, or no dress code at all} 

Robs - Annnnddddd (almost immediately knowing what is coming next) 

Friend - What on earth does that mean? What do I wear? Is {fill in the blank outfit} ok

So dear reader friend I've decided as events present themselves I am going to document what Im wear to events so you can just click and have it shipped to you, or just have a place to research. Sound good? Lets start today, with Who, What, Wear - The Veuve Clicquot Roof top party edition. 

WHO - my girlfriends and I {read girls night out}

WHAT - Veuve Clicquot Rooftop party at dec on Dragon Street

WEAR - Since Dallas weather still thinks it is summer I opted for a dress, but one that is a darker fall color palette, with patent deep purple wedges as to be comfy and not have my feet kill me for the duration of the evening




Dress - SEE by CHLOE {old but similar here} Shoes - similar here, Accessories- simple diamond studs, ring gifted by the bf, and bracelet vintage gold Chanel bangle, Hat - party favor :)  

Shoes worked for playing the fun games at the party, and were easy to navigate the staircase to the rooftop! For a cocktail/happy hour type event, I always try to wear something that is comfortable, and that allows me to look polished, but not stuffy or overdressed.  Since the weather was still warm, I opted for the dress, but dark denim and a blouse with the wedges would have also been appropriate.  My other "go-to" "must have" for these type of events it a cross body style handbag. Nothing too large, or bulky to carry.  The cross body type of bag allows for my hands to be free, and I don't have to worry about asking someone to watch my bag for me while mingling or networking.   


Here are some fabulous options for your next rooftop event, inspired by my experience at #clicquotmail.  What have you worn to a rooftop party? What worked and what didn't? 

pretty photos by Rachael Wise Photography