Dallas Veuve Clicquot #clicquotmail

Every once in awhile a brand goes above and beyond, and the results WOW.  Such was the case this past weekend.  If you follow Veuve on social media, you know that they have embarked on a national tour to over 15,000 miles, visiting more than 20 cities, with a plethora of bubbles, hip parties, letter writing, & lawn games.  All to "#celebrateclicquot" & #clicquotmail" via their hip mail trailer that is en route to a city near you!  As someone who both designs events, and educates brands on how to use social media and marketing to execute events that elevate their "social status" for maximum brand exposure, I was intrigued by the buzz surrounding this tour. When the insta promoting the party hit my feed, I quickly was tagged by one of my girlfriends and we decided to make a night of it.  

Who doesn't love a gorgeous view after a long week of work? Roof top over looking the Dallas skyline? Check! Bottles iced and ready to be served in signature ice buckets, glasses, and corresponding logoed miniature mailboxes? Check!  

Models decked out as Clicquot mailmen and women roamed the party, so of course we had to take a #gno pic! Meet our new bestie Nancy! 

And.... one alone for fun and the fridge 

Everyone knows some of the most fun at events comes from people watching. Look at these ladies, are they not the cutest? I mean, they could be part of the ad for next years Clicquot Polo Match, am I right? 

And these two... so chic, and glowing mama to be rocking those shades.  Marketers take note...the brand is so strong that they came to enjoy even while mama had to drink water and mocktails. Genius.  

And you guys...the event was fun! Sometimes branded events come off as boring or stuffy. Three words... GLAM. YARD. GAMES. 

What do you do when one of your gal pals couldn't make it? Facetime her from the party! Duh! Man I love technology & love that my sister caught this moment.....

And last but not least.... #SisterSelfie! 

Check back this week for more details about the event, including what to wear to a roof top after work event, and all the extra little pretties that make events special.  Have you been to any fabulous soirees lately? What made the event stand out for you? 

pretty photos by Rachael Wise Photography