Linebacker Love - Bradie James & Foundation 56

So it's official.  I have a thing for linebackers.  Matt, my boyfriend often jokes I "upgraded" to the right football players post college. (He was a linebacker in college for the USAFA) He claims, I was "too cool" for him in High School, and only was interested in quarterbacks, and thus our dating did not ensue until we were in our late twenties, when I came to understand the error of my ways.  I digress.  I especially have a thing for said linebackers that have a heart for the Lord, helping people, and stopping at nothing to pursue with excellence the causes in front of them. Meet my good friend, father of my god children, and former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Bradie James.  

Bradie's mom passed away from breast cancer in 2001. Ever since, Bradie has been fighting the disease with his foundation, Foundation 56. Foundation 56 raises awareness of the importance of breast cancer screenings, and provides mammogram services for women who would not normally have access. The foundation partners with hospitals both here in Dallas, and his home state of Louisiana to operate mobile units that provide screenings and mammograms on the spot and for free. Pretty wonderful if you ask me. 

So what are you up to October 17? As in next Saturday? Won't you join me, my favorite linebackers, and my bestie Star (Bradie's gorgeous wife) as we create awareness and support Foundation 56? The foundation has partnered with Uber and Dallas Brew Scene, to create the inaugural "Dallas Brew Crawl for Breast Cancer". 

Check out all the details regarding the event, & purchase your tickets HERE.  Want to work out prior to the brew crawl? Sign up for race for the cure, or come see us for a special boobs & barbell WOD at Crossfit BOLT, Saturday, before the event. Lastly, if you feel so inclined, will you please share this post? You might just save a life. 

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