Spa Girl Tri Race Packet Pick Up

Race packet pick up was one of the best days ever.  It started as most of my adventures do with coercing my sister to come along to document the process. 


I remember being fun nervous.  The type of nervous that comes with picking out your first day of school outfits, or starting a new job.  I met back up with Aaron from playtri, to pick up my bike and some last words of wisdom.  Proceeded then to have my sister save the day as per usual when the bike almost didn't fit in the car, and then headed out to "rack" my bike and pick up all my race day gear. 


I met so many incredible people on this day.  One of the things that I have been challenged to do over this summer is when I meet someone, and there is an opportunity to pray for their business, concern, or cause, is to stop and pray right there and then with them, rather than saying "Ill pray for you".  While I was racking my bike, I met the kindest man.  David Robbins.  He was helping me rack my bike, and through our conversation, I found out he works for purpose race events, and he so passionately gave me the "why" behind what he was doing.  Little did he know, that I too was a believer, and was so touched by his genuine testimony, and glorification of God through his work. 


We prayed, and Rach and I went on to check out the rest of the course.  As we approached the pool, we met a lady named Billie Jean.  Billie Jean, was so helpful. Gracious. She went out of her way to give me a tour and details of the pool, when she could have just dismissed me quickly.  After she took the time to point out all the details she said "can I pray for you"? Rachael and I both were stunned.  Billie Jean proceeded to pray the most beautiful words over me and then said, "live life to the full tomorrow".  Double woah.  My verse for the year this year happens to be John 10:10.  Ive been exploring what life to the full means this year.... and will continue to do so. 


God is so sweet that way.  I share all these details with you, to encourage.  If you have the opportunity to race with any of the purpose races, I HIGHLY recommend it.  When I look back on the fun of the day before the race, what stands out is people glorifying God through their God given purpose right where they were at the time.  I wonder how many times I am looking so far ahead, or behind that I miss the opportunity to shine right where I am.  Billie Jean and David did, and my life is better for it.  What about you? Have you ever been blown away by someone just being who God made them to be?

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