For my first attempt at a mini triathlon, I polled my athletic friends about the who, what, where & the what on earth do I wear, questions.  One day at a catch up lunch with my friend Rachel, who has done several sprint tris, I inquired about the fact that my butt/lady parts were aching from my bike seat.  She started laughing and then graciously pointed me to the mecca for DFW triathletes.  PLAYTRI.  Playtri, is to triathlon as Lulu is to Yoga. After our lunch, I decided that after my workout that Saturday, it would be a fun adventure to go and check out the gear/store for myself.  

The first question that I get asked when talking about my experience is "so what kind of bike do you have?" and the answer is, I don't have a bike.  Seeming as though I am new to the sport, and had no idea if I would like it (now LOVE it), and I was on a budget I opted to get my feet wet by renting a bike for race day from Playtri.  Upon my arrival to the colleyville location, I was greeted by both Jason and Aaron.  They were so welcoming, and accommodating! I explained my situation, that I was a "first timer" and that I had no clue what I needed.  Jason and Aaron spent over an hour with me walking me through the store, and explaining what all I would need.  I can not emphasize enough, what this little trip to the store meant to me.  It was like discovering a new found freedom and confidence, that only comes with putting yourself out of your comfort zone.  Their happy and enthusiastic attitudes, and "you can do its" went along way, and were much appreciated.  On that particular trip, I settled on a swim cap, goggles and some bike shorts, for the remaining month left on my training program.  Aaron and I then set up a time to meet on the Wednesday prior to race day to get fitted for my rental bike, and last minute race tips and tricks.  (Side note - if you are interested in training classes for triathlon, they have classes in the store that you can attend.  I plan on signing up for these in the future.)

Have you gotten out of your comfort zone lately? I'd love to hear why and how! Happy Monday, make it a great week!