Crossfit Reebok Shorts Destroy What Destroys You & How I decided to TRI

If only you knew the mental battles that have been fought over the motto that resides in my new Crossfit Reebok shorts.  Said shorts were a purchase at the recent Atlantic Crossfit Regionals.  I was there to cheer on the boyfriends athlete that he coaches for in her attempt, and now reality of going back to the Crossfit games in July for the THIRD TIME.  Yes people, you read that correctly THE THIRD TIME.  {Humble brag - Miss Lance was crowned the 8th fittest woman in the world last year. You can read more about my trip to see her last year here.} In-between events, a certain pair of shorts caught my attention.  I have a thing for bugs and butterflies and these were so unique, I had to have them.  As I was trying them on, I noticed a tiny phrase on the interior of the shorts "DESTROY what DESTROYS YOU".  So perfect for what I was training for! My first attempt at a mini triathlon.

Sometime before we made the trip to Hot-lanta, I was in a rut.  While the boyfriend owns the most FABULOUS Crossfit Gym ever, I knew competing in Crossfit for me personally was not something that was in the cards in the immediate future.  Back in February, my girlfriends and I were watching the Oscars as we do via our own homes and an intense group chat, when the subject of J.Lo came up.  Lets just get something straight I am a fan. When asked about my biased opinion, I remembered a fact on the fly.  It went something like this:

Robs - part of the reason she is so hot and should be on every best dressed list is she is fit & a triple threat aka sings, acts, dances

                        The GORGEOUS J-LO photo courtesy of Oscars 2015

                        The GORGEOUS J-LO photo courtesy of Oscars 2015


Group - NO ONE AGREES and intense rapid fire responses go off ...some then interjected their comments here as to why other ladies on the carpet should be the best dressed

Robs - did you know that post twins she competed in a TRIATHLON?

I have no idea how I remembered that little pop-culture fact from 2007, but it was there.  A small part of my inner self said - that is so rad, Ill add that to the one day when Im fit enough I will do that list. 

Life went on as it does, and I was trying to get to my usual 3x a week crossfit schedule, but most weeks it was more like 2.  Just about the time I was thinking/lying to myself about all the reasons why I should just sit around and do sweet friend posted about a mini tri on her FB page.  Not only was it a couple of months away, but it was less than 5 miles from my home, and it ended with mimosas and cake balls.  And I thought...hmmm maybe this is it, close to my house, a mini version of a sprint tri, not in open water, and a mimosa finish.  Plus, it would be something to look forward to and/or accomplish.  I had never had a fitness goal before, and this seemed scary, but oddly doable.  As with most athletic ideas that come across my brain I decided to ask the bf about it.  We went over the distances, and He said "why would you not do this"?  Love him. 

And that friends,  is how I made the decision to start training for my first ever mini triathlon.  The Spa Girl Tri.  Be sure to check back here for the rest of my recap of my experience.  What fitness goal is on your to-do list? Consider this my challenge to you to " DESTROY what DESTROYS you" :)


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