Ham Orchards Peaches


This year I have been exploring what "life to the full" means.  So far in my journey, I've discovered I love adventures.  Some big, like setting a goal, read here for details, and some small, that are in my own backyard like this one.  


I first heard of Ham orchards, when my friend Victoria, served up one of the most decadent peach turnovers I have ever tasted in my life.  An avid peach lover, I begged her to tell me what her secret was.  Turns out her secret was orchard fresh peaches from Terrell, Texas.  That was two summers ago. Last summer, after watching a cooking network show, and reading bon appetit, Matt and I tried out a summer grilled peach salad, that has forever changed our summer entertaining.  Said salad, has fondly become requested at each others families gatherings as "Matt's peach salad".  

I promised myself, that I would not let another summer pass without adding this to my adventure list.  In my research I discovered more and more endearing facts about the orchard, and the history behind it.  Its no secret that my entrepreneurial background is in family based business. (Yes we are crazy... we are the weirdos that thrive in this type of environment) Imagine my delight to find out that the orchard owned by Dale and Judy Ham is a family owned business.  His daughters Sharien, and Karien both play significant roles in the business.... sound familiar?  

Read this article for more details on "their story", and the most stunning black and white photograph of Dale.  When I read the article, the photography jumped out at me.  I searched through the credits, and found why the familiarity and warmth of the photograph struck something in me. The photo was shot by the lovely, Elizabeth Lavin.  Outside of my sister, Elizabeth shot one of the only other published photos of me that I liked, and thought represented who I "was" at the time.  



Is there anything more representative of summer than a ripe, juicy, fragrant peach? Have you been to the orchard? On Monday, Ill be sharing my summer adventure there, and why next week you should pencil in a trip to the orchard to pick up the last peaches of the season!