Ham Orchard Peaches & Farm N Kids

Robyn Wise, Dale and Judy Ham

Hello Monday! I don't know about you guys, but on this hot Monday in August I need something sweet and inspiring to get this week kicked off.  Enter part two of my adventure to Ham Orchard. Aren't Dale and Judy just the cutest? They graciously came down on their day off to meet me and take this picture.  What shined most through my time with them was their legacy.  


It shows up in each and every peach ice cream cone, bbq sandwich, jellies, pies, & their loving and gracious staff.  The staff is composed mostly of high school, and college aged young men and women that exude JOY, and a serious respect for the orchard and their opportunity to work.  

This type of hospitality is life giving.  It inspires you to work hard, and leave a legacy through what God has given you to do.  These are my kind of people.  The kind that hug your mom, that answer your every question about their life, & how they started working here, they introduce you to their boss, & spoil you with extra peaches, then invite you over for lunch.  

mom and zach

Dale and Judy's legacy continues on through their girls, Sharien and Karien.  Sharien, took so much time out of her day to educate me on all the happenings of the orchard, but you know what our common "passion" point was? Serving others.  In particular, women who do not have the same opportunities that we have to be entrepreneurs.  See those baskets above my mom, and Zach's heads? Yep, those help women in other countries, as well as jewelry, and various other products carried alongside their phenomenal peaches.  More legacy building.  

robyn and sharien

Every customer sees those products, and is made aware of something more than the peaches. Every staff member (there are over 30 of them) sees the conscious choice to place that product on the shelf, and witnesses the power of sharing not only products that help the bottomline of the business but that help the bottom line of others lives.  

Karien and Trey

This helping others and making a difference in others lives is a thing within the Ham legacy.  Meet my new bestie Trey the llama, Karien (Sharien's sister), and her son Taylor (yes, if you read my last post, and the linked article Taylor is the namesake of the famous peach).  They just opened Farm N Kids, a little ways down the road separate and a part from the orchard.  Their passion is teaching families, and kids about the "land", "animals", real "food" and how things grow.  Be still my heart.  Is it any surprise that Karien is a teacher in Frisco, and has a passion for sharing this so that families can unplug and make a memory? 

I felt like a kid again.  Taylor walked me around and introduced me to all the animals.  Goats, pot belly pigs (please can I have one?), chickens, miniature horses and of course, how could I forget Trey the llama? 

trey the llama

So on this hot August, Monday I encourage you to keep running your race.  We need you to stay in your lane, to run hard, and to finish well.  You might just inspire someone to create a lasting legacy! 


Are you and yours in need of a legacy lesson, or perhaps a last minute summer memory maker? Why not hop in the car and take a quick trip out to Ham Orchard? The best peaches are ripening for the end of the season, the bbq is ready, the ice cream is cold, and the hospitality is spoiling.  

* August 15th is the last day of the 2015 season

* August 9th was the last day for Farm N Kids to be open, but I encourage you to reach out to them for special events, and to prebook for next season! 

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Special shout out to Zach, Preston, Nick, Sami, & Haley ~ wishing all of you the best year yet! Your hard work matters, you are learning from the best, you inspire me with your actions and love.  

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