Blow A Kiss Fire A Gun Someone To Lean On

reebokcrossfitgames 2015

So its Sunday night and Im prepping for next week, and I cant believe this time last week, I was witnessing the fittest man & woman being crowned at the Crossfit Games.  

Matt McCraney and Robyn Wise

For the past 3 years, I've joined Matt on his work trip to Cali.  Matt & Robyn work trips look so very different! While this pic may look like we are on vacation, it was taken on a quick stroll before we headed out to prep for what was a whirl wind weekend.  Is it just me or when your in your thirties, does time just start flying? It felt like we were just there a moment ago...but actually a year has passed.  

"The Games" as we refer to it is a year long process.  Matt programs for Cass, and day in and day out they work together to get her ready.  So many people love and support them along the way. One of my favorite moments of the weekend is captured in this picture.  

Coach Matt McCraney

Have you heard the summer hit by Major Lazer & DJ Snake called Lean On? It played over and over at the games and just kind of stuck with me.  After further review of the lyrics I decided it is my summer anthem.  After watching four days of competition, and reflecting, we all need someone to lean on. 

On another note, my #robswrites branding brain was thrilled to see that the hand lettering trend has even trickled down to the Crossfit world.  

reebok hand lettering

Another year is in the books.  I could not be more proud of the efforts of my people, and look forward to what the rest of 2015 & 2016 look like for my Crossfit Fam.  Big Kiss and Cheers to you Cass & Matt!  


Cassidy Lance Robyn Wise Matt McCraney