Texas Peach Party

Its no secret that after my recent trip to the peach orchard, I am fully obsessed with all things peach. For me, peaches remind me mostly of long, slow, summers with people I love.  As this summer winds down, "my people" are all over the place, and starting back to the pre-fall hustle. Here's a quick run down of where my people are at currently: kiddos going back to and getting ready to go back to school, babies on the way, moves, career changes, recovering from medical procedures, and last minute trips.

A couple of summers ago, a close friend pointed out that my life was a little unbalanced with planning events for others, but not for myself, and challenged me to dig deeper in my relationships. After careful consideration, I decided to make a conscious effort to have more people over in my own home for impromptu low fuss get togethers to just reconnect. Are you feeling the need to reconnect, and revive some relationships in these last weeks of summer? I've got you covered.  


Having people over doesn't always require an elaborate menu. Grilled ham orchard peaches, served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream would be a fabulous treat in this heat.  Craving a little pizazz to the "presentation"? Line up coupes, or wine glasses on your counter top, and serve the caramelized peaches off the grill in the coupes or glasses for a little bit of summer sophistication. Im a sucker for a theme though, so if I was hosting this party, I would most likely be serving these up while wearing that iceream pull over, and those rose gold peach studs! Who are you inviting over? What is your favorite way to reconnect at the end of summer with your people? 

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* How to Grill Peaches here , or just throw them on your grill at medium heat for around 15min