Fall 2015 TV Show Line Up

Tomorrow is the official first day of fall! Things lately have been moving full speed ahead which is refreshing and exciting, but I have learned to be sure and schedule in some rest and recovery time when my schedule seems to get a bit hectic.  One of the ways I like to unwind is with TV. Tonight my schedule has been cleared and I am looking forward to kicking off the new season literally, and with some new shows.  Of course, this Thursday I will be DVRing the usual suspects returns: Greys, Scandal, & How to Get Away With Murder

But, first things first, how am I supposed to decide what to watch tonight at 7 pm? 

This could be brilliant, or a flop..... I love Animal mentions Crossfit in the trailer! The adult spin has me intrigued and tugs at my childhood heart strings.  Who doesn't love the muppets?

Last season, Matt and I were obsessed with the VOICE on date nights, until Mia Z got the boot.... still bitter.  Trying to convince Matt to watch with me again.  This girl. Mia Z, in my opinion one of the best auditions on the show to date...just sayn. Looking forward to picking a new favorite and getting rowdy if he/she gets kicked off, and arguing with Matt about why my pick should win. That is if He can get over the heartbreak of loosing Mia.

Or this..... my teenage/drama/gossip girl guilty pleasure self is hopeful this will deliver to all the hype.  I would be lying to you, if I didn't tell you I'm also watching for the fashion. 

What I like to call my "grown up" shows such as American Horror Story (Lady Gaga and hotels this season people),  & Homeland (I sometimes wish I was Carrie Mathison saving the USA),  do not make their returns until October so don't judge me on my choices for this evening ok?

So TV loving friends, what say you? What is your vote for GP (general public) primetime TV tonight?