What to get her for Valentines

Love is in the air people, and I for one can't get enough of it. I am one of the crazies that has always loved Valentines. Growing up, my parents made a special effort to make it a big deal for us, usually with a special breakfast, or dinner, and a little something that was unexpected that added a little glamour to the day. In addition to my parents, my aunts are notorious for reaching out and making their love known. Back in the day, my sister and I even opened our retail flower shop, CYMBIDIUM the week of Valentines day....and we now curate the best of the best flower shops via FLORALgeek so your orders get placed by the best in the biz. Yes, the love of the day of love runs in my veins. So with out further ado, I present you with some practical, and some not so practical gift ideas for this weekend. 



You can not go wrong in my opinion with rose everything on this day. We have discussed my love of these candles. This particular scent is romantic, and fills up an entire room. The bath oil, and rose lip balm are staples in my bathroom. The rose bath oil, and rose lip balm are little luxuries that make a gal feel special, and last long after the real roses die. Speaking of ROSES, you know flowers are a major part of my life, I would love to personally place your order. Click here for world wide delivery, wow factor guaranteed. 


Is your love into a new fitness regimen? True story... one of my boyfriends first Valentine's Day gifts to me was a jump rope. He knew the one Crossfit move I was good at at the time was double unders. So he presented me with a luxury rope. Remember last year when I completed some of my first ever triathlon races? Well, since then I have fallen in love shockingly with running. What I love about running is you do not need a lot of equipment, and it gives me time to quiet my mind, and get outside. These shorts, and these leggings work for both Crossfit and running. So for me its a win. Speaking of Crossfit, these. shoes. Does your lady Crossfit? These scream spring, and hey the open is upon us and looking cute helps our PR's. Speaking of PR's (personal records) I'm still struggling to PR my water intake...and I just know that this bottle would inspire both myself, and your fitness lover to greatness. 


So remember when I said some of the items in this lil guide might be ahem.... not so on the practical side.... well here we are folks. But here is the deal. Most of the items here are quality over quantity. The idea here is that you gift this as a grand gesture, and then proceed to watch the recipient wear or use said gift daily. For me these items are dreams, or possibly something I might save up for as an investment. I love the idea of being gifted with, or gifting toasting flutes for special occasions. Now the key here is to USE THEM often. Celebrate something every day! These flutes, have teeny tiny rhinestones in the stems. Divine.  This Rose champagne was introduced to me in the UK when I lived overseas. It is the perfect shade of pink, and is perfect for Valentines Day. This cute heart crossbody bag was all the rage on instagram. Kate Spade is a whimsical genius, and her Valentines collections never disappoint. Is it safe to say that both pairs of these shoes need no explanation? The manolo flats I see wearing on the constant. Jeans, dresses, slacks, you name it and I can make a case for these. Oh Louboutin you had me at patent and a neon heart. If by some reason you find yourself gifting these babies to yourself or your sweetheart, well done. What do you plan on gifting your person this Valentines Day? Be sure to check back here tomorrow for some more V-day greatness! 

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