Weekend Links & Super Bowl 50

This particular weekend is full of friends, family, fun, and football. Thought I'd pop by and share some weekend links. 

Are you attending a Super Bowl Party? 

Conversation Starters

Did you see these footballs designed by fashion designers? 

What about these manicures? 


5 Things to bring to the host or hostess of the super bowl party

1. This bowl would be so cute filled with popcorn or chips 

2. These would be fabulous... a little luxury that they might not already have for themselves 

3. Have flowers from this site delivered the week of the party enclosure card should read : looking forward to a fabulous time, or thank you so much for hosting us in your home 

4. A fragrant, luxurious candle is always a nice gesture. When in doubt, vanilla is always a good choice. Scents are tricky but in my opinion you can never go wrong with this brand. 

5. A pre-iced container of drinks is always appreciated! 


Best Dips for Super Bowl Parties

Buffalo Chicken Dip - this one is my favorite, but here is another version as well

Line Backer Queso- I am famous for this. Its been adapted from years of hanging out with my favorite players....thus the name line backer queso...it doesn't disappoint and is always a crowd pleaser. 

1 Stick of Queso Blanco From Velveta 

1 can of mexi corn 

1 can of black beans 

1 can of hot rotel 

1 can of regular rotel 

2lbs of turkey - browned 

Dump all ingredients into a crockpot on high until smooth and combined. Then turn down the heat. Serve and watch everyone ask if there is more. 

Do you have a go to dip recipe, or perfect host/hostess gift? Tell me in the comments below!