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Did you guys have a great weekend? I spent mine, getting more and more excited for fall, (how is it almost September?) and taking a trip to North Park Center to preview some new specs at the WARBY PARKER ~ POP-IN @ NORDSTROM.  My love for Warby Parker goes back a couple of years when the company was just getting started, and hosted a pop-up shop at Nest.  My sister, shot the event, and I got to tag along. Here I am at that event...wow time flies.  

What has always attracted me to the brand is two fold. 1) Warby Parker gives a pair away when you purchase a pair and 2) Their at home try-on program.  (Read they mail you up to 5 pairs to try on in the comfort of your own home! ) 

On Friday, Rach and I went to the POP-IN and here is what we discovered. To start, the shop is gorgeous, and showcased the frames fantastically.  So organized, so clean, and so simple. If you are someone who wants to see all your options at once, this is the place for you. 

All the frames are represented and include both optical and sunglasses. Frames including lenses start at $95 a pair, and every time you purchase someone in need receives a pair as well.  

One of my favorite features of the POP-IN was the interactive photo booth that allows you to take your picture in two sets of the frames, and then have your friends and family vote on which pair you should purchase via your social media channels.  Genius.  


If you have some time this week or this upcoming weekend, I highly suggest stopping by and picking up a pair or two.  The POP-IN will be in Nordstrom until September 6th. Can't make it? No problemo... click here and they will let you try them on at home for free. 

Have you tried Warby Parker? What are your favorite frames? 


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