New Horizons Pluto

For as long as I can remember I have always loved space.  Summer camp star gazing, planetarium trips, and wander-lusting over creation are part of what my inner nerd swoons over.  Tomorrow a significant space event is occurring and I do not want you to miss it!


Tomorrow, a mission and spacecraft known as New Horizons will fly past Pluto, and after 9 years of travel, and 3 billion miles it will send us pictures! New Horizons will have its closest approach to Pluto at around 7:49am Eastern, but we will not know what images have been taken until around 9pm ET due to the time it will take for the information to be sent back to Earth.  So be sure to celebrate tomorrow! I've included some links below to some great sites for information.  Tomorrow will be especially exciting for Matt and I, as he worked on this mission during his time serving in the USAF.  You know I did not let this tiny tidbit go without a long conversation, and a interview that I will post tomorrow! Most of all, I want you tap into your inner child like curiosity and marvel at what the Creator of the Universe will show us tomorrow.  Nighty Night and happy Pluto-Palooza!

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