Corkcicle - the best way to beat the heat


corkcicle for the win! 

3 reasons you need a corkcicle to beat the summer heat in Dallas 

I for one love the heat but when the temps rise over 100 here in Dallas one needs to up their hydration game. Do you know about corkcicle? I first saw them while attending the NY Gift show in 2010. Since then the brand has evolved and is now at the top of my summer gifting and Robyn Recommends list. 

The three main reasons you need a corkcicle in your life 

  1. Sustainable - reducing plastic waste in landfills and the ocean is always a good idea - one of my yearly goals was to try and "simplify" and be less wasteful bye bye plastic water bottles! 

  2. Charitable - this company supports charity water - brand helping a cause what's not to love 

  3. Functional - my corkcicle canteen fits in all my cup holders perfectly - this includes my work bag, backpack, and car  - this my friends has been game changing - it also holds full icecubes (read they dont get stuck) and they last for days on end - it also is not bothered by my lavendar collagen that I add to my water on the reg so theres that 

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