Thanksgiving Eve

It's here it's here! One of my favorite days of the year. Thanksgiving eve is just the best. I always get so excited, and usually wear myself out getting ready to celebrate tomorrow. Current status may or may not reflect the following: 

What are you up to? Are you cooking? Riding in the car to see your loved ones, or wrapping up the work day early? Tonight I am meeting up with my highschool friends, because our dear sweet Patrick got engaged and is bringing his fiance home for the very first time. It's the perfect excuse to wrap up the cleaning frenzy a little early, slather on this mask, take a bubble bath, and then get ready to see everyone. 

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask | Robyn Wise dallas blogger |



Urban decay ultimate naked palette, neulash, NYX matte lipstick, & diorshow mascara | Robyn Wise dallas blogger |

Throughout the fall season, (read the fall season I have faked wearing some fall things in my shorts here in Texas) I've fallen in love with the matte makeup trend. It's been a nice change, and when full on holidazzle sparkle rolls around on Friday I think I still will embrace these eyeshadows as base colors for the more shimmery ones.  I'll be sporting all the fall things this evening, and plan on incorporating that gorgeous rust color because #thanksgiving. 


Speaking of eyes... can we discuss the miracle product that is neuLASH? Full post dedicated to this coming soon, but you want this in your life. Say goodbye to extensions, and falsies. THIS STUFF IS THE REAL DEAL. Yes it works, and is for sure worth the price tag. 

Pier One Blessing Script Napkins | Robyn Wise Dallas Lifestyle Blogger |


After dinner tonight, I plan on heading over to my parents house to preset the table for tomorrow. This year we are keeping things clean and simple with these fabulous dinner napkins that my aunt gifted me, gold chargers for glam, copper napkin rings, and white and gold platters so the food can be the star of the show. Be sure to follow me on insta and snapchat, as I will be doing a live tour of our table, and if you'd like to see some of our cooking shenanigans follow Matt @coachmattbear because we all know its going down on bearfare. 

Robyn Wise Dallas Lifestyle Blogger and Matt McCraney Crossfit Bolt and Bolt Athletics Owner | | 

PS - you know you wanna come hangout with us tomorrow morning before you're required to be at your first destination! Every year we host "Friendsgiving" the invitation is below, and here is a little post from Matt's heart about why we Friendsgive before we celebrate with our families. 

Friendsgiving at BOLT!!! After the most tumultuous election in our lifetimes, we are entering the Thanksgiving season. Some are happy, some are passionately concerned, and many are apathetic or feel they are on shifting sands in regards to the U.S. political system. 
I am so easily a cynic. However, I have been inspired by friends, gym members (also friends!), and members of both traditional and non-traditional media. Ultimately, I believe in people...if I give my best, more often than not, they do not disappoint and exceed my expectation giving better back. 
There is a gigantic divide in our country (so many reasons to mention but not the point right now). We often times get angry when Government doesn't "work together" to solve problems but do little to get outside of our own circles....GUILTY as charged. This is an effort to establish trust at a grass roots level. There are tough issues and discussions to take place, but we must first "trust" our neighbors and communities to have these conversations. Block the negative on the air waves; instead pursue love, give grace, and give each other a chance. 
So Friendsgiving 2016 at CrossFit BOLT invite any and everyone. If you read this and you have been here never, once, twice or more come hangout and invite friends. And here is a special challenge, reach out and invite someone in your work/daily life who is different than you or you don't know. And invite people who hate fitness! Rest assured this won't be a sales pitch, and politics not allowed! Just a celebration and belief in one another, an olive branch of trust, and understanding that we can be the change!

So grab your people, come celebrate with us, and lets give thanks for all the blessings we have!