My Maleficent Moment | Gods Grace

Happy Wednesday! This blog thing is no joke! I am looking forward to getting the hang of it, as well as getting into my "groove" / "voice".  Here goes nothing.... Last week, I told you that I went to the movies.  While going to the movies might seem like not that big of a deal, it was a bit of a mile stone for me.  I loooove the movies.  I love everything about it.  Big screen, dark room, treats, and a great story. But with life lately, there hasn't been that much time for movie going.  So I was determined to "take back the movies".

Earlier in the day, I had attended church.  It was such a beautiful service, and I was reminded of just how sweet, and personal God's daily...sometimes moment by moment grace is.  I was not expecting the theme to carry on into my movie going.  I chose to see Maleficent.  Disney did not disappoint.  I went in with low expectations, and was totally blown away.  You see..... once upon a time, I mean.... a lot of the time I feel like God is so good at remaking and redeeming my "Maleficent" moments. You know the ones, the ones where you turn into some hideous creature version of yourself. For me it happens when....Im Hangry,  I am trying to control my path, or my journey.  When I listen to the lie that I am the master of my own universe and destiny, and I better get to work and measure up.  Or even worse when I consciously choose to be selfish and apathetic. Yuck!

I will try not to spoil the movie for you but the way the Disney turned its own classic on its head, really resonated with me. Its a lot like how God rewrites our stories! Lately I have a renewed sense of passion and calling on my life. [pullquote width="300" float="left"]2 Corinthians 5:17 says, "Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come." [/pullquote]  Isn't that refreshing?! Lamentations even reminds us that HIS mercies are new every morning.  I need that...., and sometimes more than every morning.

The absolute best part of the movie for me, was the big reveal of true loves kiss and its "true" meaning.....soooooo good. (Im giddy as I type and trying not to spoil it for you)  God blessed me with the gift of godchildren.(again another theme in the movie I am trying desperately not to spoil)  It was, and is one of the single most treasured blessings that I have received this side of heaven.  It also comes with a responsibility to share my moments (even my maleficent ones) with them as they grow up, and point them to the Lord.  How blessed we are that God turns our stories upside down as well.  That the end of our stories, when found in HIM always have a happy ending...and can always be redeemed.  I can't think of a better a story to tell my gbabies, and the entire world for that matter...can you? Have you seen the movie? How is God rewriting your story? I'd love to hear.




Ps need a mid-week pick me up? Love this song as it applies to this post.