Love that surpasses knowledge - a Hannah Heidtke Story

Hannah Heidtke If you want to open yourself up and be challenged in ways that you would never dream of, hang out with a high school student.  Even better, hang out with high school students who fear nothing, are deep thinkers, and who will one day no doubt change the world.

Such is the case with Hannah Heidtke.  When Hannah and I meet, her mom is battling stage IV cancer.  I watch for over two years their amazing family live through it with honesty and grace, and all the while teach the rest of us about love that surpasses knowledge.

I watch Sandy proclaim the gospel, like I've never seen from a pulpit.... but from the retelling of her quest by her daughter.  I pray.  My heart breaks, and I want nothing more than to grab Hannah, stuff her in my smart car, and drive her away from the pain.  But every time that happens.... Hannah reminds me via blog, text, or coffee/smart car chat..... LOVE wins.  Jesus came so that we have more.

I could go on and on.... but basically I want you to know that when I wanted to pursue "depth" with my relationships and the LORD, HE went there.....reminded me I am in no way shape or form in control of anything.  Then HE gave me some of the most vivid glimpses of true soul beauty, and heaven that I've ever seen .

On the day of Sandy's memorial, I have never wanted to stand up, slow clap, weep, and cheer all at the same time for someone.... but I wanted to so desperately for Hannah.  After beautiful words and songs, Hannah took the mic

First of all, my mom didn’t “lose to cancer.” I mean, I guess that’s how you say it when someone dies, but she didn’t give up. A week or so ago, I read to her something I’d found about the difference between giving up, and letting go. Basically what it said was, while giving up meant succumbing to defeat, looking towards the worst and fearing God; letting go was just the opposite – choosing to trust in the promise of something greater, resting in God’s love, and looking towards the future with peace.

My mom made the decision to let go, to leave this fallen world and sick body behind, and to be welcomed into a place so much more infinitely wonderful than we could ever begin to imagine. I don’t see that as a loss for her, I see it as a gain.

And just like that.  Love surpassed knowledge.

And you know what I LOVE about the Heidtkes? They are celebratory.  Their love is one of action, and one of LOVE continuing on.  I loved their Christmas update this year.  Check this out.  

Hannah, I love you.  Thank you for challenging me, inspiring me, and sharing life with me. You my dear, reflected Gods surpassing LOVE on more than one occasion, and changed me forever.

Hannah is currently a thriving Texas Aggie, just like her momma.  Follow along with her world changing adventures HERE.