11 Gifts that Give

Gift giving season is in full swing, and it just felt right to kick this year's gift guides off on Giving Tuesday. Have you heard of Giving Tuesday? Here is a little bit about the movement from their site - 

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.

Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving.

The following items are my personal favorites, and organizations that I have a personal connection to. So without further adieu, I present gifts that give. 'Tis the season so make sure to include some of these under your tree or year round just because. I've linked all the items below and the "why" behind their inclusion. 

 Robyn Wise | Dallas Blogger | Giving Tuesday Gift Guide 2016 | www.robynwise.com

11 Gifts That Give 

1. Warby Parker - this fantastic company is my go to for all things glasses, and sunglasses. For every pair you purchase, another pair is gifted. I am particularly loving their holiday collection of goodies featuring the work of Netherlands -based artist Sue Doeksen. 

2. Reach Out Honduras - meet my friends the Waits family. The Waits family currently works with orphans and vulnerable children in the town of Puerto Lempira, Honduras. My sister travels here every year to photograph their journey and is an organization dear to my heart. Matt also served in Honduras during his time in the USAF and fell in love with the people there. These t-shirts make perfect stocking stuffers. 

3. TOMS - the original "one for one". Unless you have been living under a rock, it's no surprise this amazing company made my list. My personal connection goes beyond the brand though. You see once upon a time, I met a guy named Blake who brought his duffle bag of shoes to a party that I designed. We talked, he shared his heart, and I was sold. He was there with his fabulous mom, who just happened to love flowers. She became a good friend, and a treasured client of my sister and I's flower shop. This family and company is the real deal y'all. Shop any style, give a gift card, it really doesn't matter what you pick, this gift is ALWAYS a hit. I've got my eye on this collab that comes out in January. You might remember my love for this artist on my insta a few weeks back. 

4. The Giving Keys - Stylish, helping others, and paying it forward. All. The. Feels. Gift this gift set to someone who needs to be inspired or encouraged. So chic. I was gifted the key of "BELIEVE" during a particularly trying time in entrepreneurship, and it served as a daily reminder of believing God for more, & for believing in more than just "stuff". 

5. Foundation 56 - Where do I begin here? Well, read this post to start. My love for this family, runs deep because they are my family. They turned their mess into a message and I couldn't be prouder. This year is particularly special due to the news my Aunt is still breast cancer free. Click here to donate. 

6. Steve's Paleo - For the health conscious foodie. These tasty treats are delicious and nutritious. When Matt came into my life, I fell in love with the community of his gym as well as the mission behind this company. Before you send off a lame fruit basket, or put candy in someone's stocking consider these.  

7. Val Marie Paper - I first discovered this company because a friend tagged me because of my love of calligraphy. I fell in love instantly with these journals and the heart behind them. I think Valerie and I could be close friends in real life :) Her words this morning on her instagram feed say all the reasons and more why you should click here now and buy these suckers up

Today is Giving Tuesday. I honestly have no idea what that means to the rest of businesses but today, I thought Iโ€™d share the giving that we get to be a part of because of your support of our shop!! (And share my sweet girls because you have seen enough journal pics in the last week! ๐Ÿ˜œ) .
Last January, Tyler and I prayerfully considered what giving generously looked like. I had already been donating $.50 per journal for various charities and tithing personally from both our salaries but that month, we decided to donate 10% of sales. Our businesses had grown pretty big (to us!!) so this would definitely change our year financially. But we trusted God (and I may have subconsciously assumed Heโ€™d give bigger to us for this decision). I have already mentioned, this year was not bigger and actually quite smaller than the previous year. Every dollar was a stretched, but God taught me so much about staying faithful and trusting Him regardless of the outcome. 
Giving hasnโ€™t always been something I have had a heart for. I would have NEVER admitted that, but I was more worried about MY comforts. In fact, @tylerwoerner's generosity often frustrated me because it pointed out my own selfishness. I didnโ€™t initially see my business as a way to raise money for non-profits but that has been one of my favorite aspects of VMP now. I am so grateful for the hard times that God used to help me see HIS reality. That giving really is better than receiving. 
To date this year, your support has helped us give away over $12,000 to charities benefiting kids in Haiti, flood recovery, missionaries to Syrian refugees in Greece, foster homes, human trafficking efforts and more. 
Please donโ€™t hear this as bragging. This is Godโ€™s business and Godโ€™s money. I just get to be an employee and take a salary. And really, I'm so grateful that part of my job is figuring out ways to use the money y'all give to pass on to others. 
Moving forward, Iโ€™m excited to keep partnering with the non-profits that God puts on my heart or leads my way. If you know of any organizations that would be a good fit for our shop, check out the โ€œgivingโ€ tab on our website!

8. Taylor's Gift Foundation - If you would have told me that my life would be touched by organ donation in 3 significant ways in less than 5 years, I wouldn't have believed you. I love this family so much. I've had a front row seat to their magnificent grace, and strength. You can read about their story here. You can read about my friend Shelby here, and my friend Karen here. So, I am honored to include this gorgeous piece. Who doesn't love Kendra Scott? I have the privilege of representing the foundation at an instore event, at the Kendra Scott store in Southlake this Thursday. Here is a link to the event. Can't wait to see you there! 

9. Preemptive Love Coalition - Loving in the face of Isis. I have no more words. Any words I would place here would not do this cause justice. PLEASE READ HERE. Then buy these candles, soaps, and anything else you feel led to. Here is their Holiday Gift Guide

10. Cru by Darbie Angell - Girl crush alert. So my love for this gal runs deep. We go way back. Like Summer of 1999 way back. I went to college with Darbie. This is her amazing business. Her work is in major retailers, she's been featured by Martha Stewart, and the list goes on. But the Darbie I know has a heart the size of Texas, is the first to call and cheer on others, and is a loving momma. Do you know someone who loves to entertain? Or perhaps someone who is engaged and is looking for new china? This is your girl. We were challenged at ACU to "change the world", Darbie's doing a pretty great job don't you think? 

11. Citysquare - Dallas's own hometown heros. This. Place. In my opinion, this organization is the epitome of service here in my town. Click here to buy this shirt, and support all the things they are accomplishing through their mission:

fight the causes and effects of poverty through service, advocacy, and friendship. Together as a community of neighbors, we feed the hungry, heal the sick, house the homeless, and renew hope in the heart of our city. 

So what do you think? What gifts do you give that give back? 



Thanksgiving Eve

It's here it's here! One of my favorite days of the year. Thanksgiving eve is just the best. I always get so excited, and usually wear myself out getting ready to celebrate tomorrow. Current status may or may not reflect the following: 

What are you up to? Are you cooking? Riding in the car to see your loved ones, or wrapping up the work day early? Tonight I am meeting up with my highschool friends, because our dear sweet Patrick got engaged and is bringing his fiance home for the very first time. It's the perfect excuse to wrap up the cleaning frenzy a little early, slather on this mask, take a bubble bath, and then get ready to see everyone. 

 Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask | Robyn Wise dallas blogger | robynwise.com



 Urban decay ultimate naked palette, neulash, NYX matte lipstick, & diorshow mascara | Robyn Wise dallas blogger | robynwise.com

Throughout the fall season, (read the fall season I have faked wearing some fall things in my shorts here in Texas) I've fallen in love with the matte makeup trend. It's been a nice change, and when full on holidazzle sparkle rolls around on Friday I think I still will embrace these eyeshadows as base colors for the more shimmery ones.  I'll be sporting all the fall things this evening, and plan on incorporating that gorgeous rust color because #thanksgiving. 


Speaking of eyes... can we discuss the miracle product that is neuLASH? Full post dedicated to this coming soon, but you want this in your life. Say goodbye to extensions, and falsies. THIS STUFF IS THE REAL DEAL. Yes it works, and is for sure worth the price tag. 

 Pier One Blessing Script Napkins | Robyn Wise Dallas Lifestyle Blogger | robynwise.com


After dinner tonight, I plan on heading over to my parents house to preset the table for tomorrow. This year we are keeping things clean and simple with these fabulous dinner napkins that my aunt gifted me, gold chargers for glam, copper napkin rings, and white and gold platters so the food can be the star of the show. Be sure to follow me on insta and snapchat, as I will be doing a live tour of our table, and if you'd like to see some of our cooking shenanigans follow Matt @coachmattbear because we all know its going down on bearfare. 

 Robyn Wise Dallas Lifestyle Blogger and Matt McCraney Crossfit Bolt and Bolt Athletics Owner | robynwise.com | crossfitbolt.com 

PS - you know you wanna come hangout with us tomorrow morning before you're required to be at your first destination! Every year we host "Friendsgiving" the invitation is below, and here is a little post from Matt's heart about why we Friendsgive before we celebrate with our families. 

Friendsgiving at BOLT!!! After the most tumultuous election in our lifetimes, we are entering the Thanksgiving season. Some are happy, some are passionately concerned, and many are apathetic or feel they are on shifting sands in regards to the U.S. political system. 
I am so easily a cynic. However, I have been inspired by friends, gym members (also friends!), and members of both traditional and non-traditional media. Ultimately, I believe in people...if I give my best, more often than not, they do not disappoint and exceed my expectation giving better back. 
There is a gigantic divide in our country (so many reasons to mention but not the point right now). We often times get angry when Government doesn't "work together" to solve problems but do little to get outside of our own circles....GUILTY as charged. This is an effort to establish trust at a grass roots level. There are tough issues and discussions to take place, but we must first "trust" our neighbors and communities to have these conversations. Block the negative on the air waves; instead pursue love, give grace, and give each other a chance. 
So Friendsgiving 2016 at CrossFit BOLT invite any and everyone. If you read this and you have been here never, once, twice or more come hangout and invite friends. And here is a special challenge, reach out and invite someone in your work/daily life who is different than you or you don't know. And invite people who hate fitness! Rest assured this won't be a sales pitch, and politics not allowed! Just a celebration and belief in one another, an olive branch of trust, and understanding that we can be the change!

So grab your people, come celebrate with us, and lets give thanks for all the blessings we have! 


Women's Rain Gear

In Texas, we are in a bit of a monsoon. The on again off again, flash flood type moments have me pondering and lusting over some legit rain gear. I don't know about y'all but my rain gear is at an all time low. The only rain jacket that I own is used for tourist type travel purposes. This particular rain jacket it is fleece lined, and is more "utility" than "chic". So for today's edition of WHO WHAT WEAR, I thought we would concentrate on upping our rain day game. 

WHO -  All of us who have never invested in legit rain gear 

WHAT - The rainy season or occasional downpour 

WEAR - Functional yet stylish waterproof jackets, boots, and accessories 



Rain Jackets 


Rain Boots 


Rain Hair Don't Care

One of the bonuses of rain days for me is letting my hair be curly. I have some natural curl, but it needs a few products to make it look right. Here are my go to curly hair products.  


Waterproof Makeup 

As weird as it sounds, not all waterproof mascaras are considered equal. Gone are the days rolling in to work looking like a hot racoon mess. Here are my favorite "rain proof" mascaras and make up products. 


Have a great rest of this short week, and let me know what your rainy day must haves are. 

Memorial Day Weekend Links

Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start to summer, is just about here, and this rain in Dallas can't hold me down. I am in full count-down till 5 o'clock mode ya feel me? The forecast is predicting temps in the 90's for Saturday and the high 80's for Sunday funday. A perfect time to spend some quality time outdoors, with a grill, and those you love. When my friends and family are just lounging around we chat, and share our latest and greatest finds. Here are my memorial day must haves, and 3 links to get the conversation party started. 



This weekend is always a fun one to be at the gym. Gym friends, and all fitness lovers... Reebok is having a 40% off sale. Matt is in need of some new gym shorts, and so am I. Love this camo print, and I'm a sucker for a his and hers moment. On Monday, it's rumored we are doing Murph, pray for me :) 

Enter Code - MEMDAY for 40% off here



So as of recent, I am digging deep into my skincare routine. If you remember from my last post, I'm wearing hats forever and ever while outdoors, but that is not enough protection. This will be slathered on myself and innocent bystanders who are around me this weekend. 



I bought these placemats last year for Veterans day, and they have become so handy! They can be used for July 4th, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and various other USA themed events. Snag them soon as they are on sale! I love that they can be dressed up or down, dependent upon your event. Dress them up with linen napkins, chargers, and flatware, or dress them down by using paper plates & utensils. 



This weekend makes it officially shorts season. My long thicker pants, and leggings move up to the top part of my closet, and the shorts make their way down. These jorts (jean shorts) are perfect for lounging, are not too short, not too expensive, and just happen to be on sale. I suggest purchasing them asap, and possibly even 2 pairs because they are just that good. 


Interesting read on the doc fighting zika

Looking for a unique dessert that is made on the grill? This is on my list to try over the long weekend. 

Thoughts on this? Loving the shape!

Do you have any interesting plans for the long weekend, or any must haves for this Memorial day? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!